Youth Poverty Solutions

Community: Powell River

Community works together to have grassroots conversations around youth poverty and what can be done to solve important issues.

“The other challenge that we have is around child/youth mental health, youth poverty, youth that are hungry.

In November, the child youth advocate of BC released a report that was talking about (youth poverty), and it’s called Time to Listen.

I read the report and I wanted to know, what learning can we have from that report for Powell River and I just brought together a few VCH, employees that are working with that population and it started to raise a lot of questions about what’s happening here so, they said, well, we need to bring other people (in) so that small group of conversation has become quite large and now we have Tla’min, we’ve got physicians, we’ve got the school district, we have MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development).

We’ve been looking at population health around child/youth mental health, substance use, and we’ve discovered a few things that, that we want to, learn from the youth that are drinking quite young, violence with youth, and, the drinking, the using of drugs, a lot of marijuana.

So now we are working with the division that maybe will have some project management and shared care project to help us shape where we want to go.

So, this is the type of work that really excites me because it comes from the grassroots conversations, it brings many partners and we are determined to focus on solving some, important issues.”

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