Youth Mental Health

The Youth Mental Health Program, formerly called the Children’s Mental Health Program, is an exciting initiative delivered in elementary schools by Lindsay Goulet, Community Development Manager and Presenter.

The Program has been developed in consultation with Sue MacTavish, former Youth & Family Counselor, École George Jay Elementary and currently working as the Family Outreach Coordinator at the Quadra Village Community Centre. Our children’s program is offered by the reputable Stigma-Free Society ONLY in Victoria, BC at this time.

Program Summary

The program encourages youth to strive for optimal mental wellness and empowers them to learn the tools they need to stay mentally well. Participants will also develop accepting and understanding attitudes towards themselves and others through this program. 

By exploring the connections between physical health, mental health, emotional wellness and social well-being, our program aims to help children understand the importance of balance in daily life.

Why Host a Children’s Mental Health Presentation?

When youth are equipped to understand their own needs, they become increasingly confident when faced with an issue. They are also able to reach out for help when they need it most. 

By focusing on prevention through education and awareness, we can develop a more supportive community in schools. Mental health and well-being is for everyone, and through this program, youth acquire the skills to maintain positive mental wellness.