Kurien Thomas – Individual member

Kurien brings a wealth of experience gained at the community, provincial and national levels while working with Health Canada, First Nations, and Provincial Health.

Over the years, served, bringing his management knowledge and experience in the health care field as an Administrator and as a Professional Care Provider, to his work on the Boards. He has valued extensive Health Care field Northern Isolated Posts, in Hospital, Long Term Care & Community Health Administrations.

One of the major accomplishments to illustrate is establishing the Current coordinated Home Care Program in Alberta. Among the few others to mention are bringing new ‘Pipe water system’ to a northern isolated community and caused to build a New-modern Health Centre’.

Kurien has served on the Boards of various organizations dedicated to Community Health Care development, furthering Total Health Care for all.

Believes in the BC Rural health Network and its mission and objectives, performing its fiduciary responsibilities.