Undated photo of Joyce Echaquan. Courtesy of Karine Echaquan

‘She is only good for sex.’
‘She would be better off dead.’
‘Who does she think is paying for this (healthcare)?’

The nurses made these comments, as they questioned her life choices.  The last comments she heard, as she took her last breaths, screaming for help.

The reason that the hospital staff felt justified for their treatment of her?  She was Indigenous.  She was Atikamekw.  

They did not know they were being filmed.

Did this happen in America?  No.  This happened in Quebec, just yesterday (Sep 28th, 2020).  This is Canada.

It is hard to be optimist in the face of such horrific, ongoing racism.
My thoughts are with Joyce Echaquan’s seven children.  Rest in peace Joyce.   
Kākithaw niwākomākanak (All my Relations),
Kihci Têpakohp Iskotêw Iskwêw (Emily Henry)