Silverton is a village about 5 kilometres south of New Denver in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. The former steamboat landing is at the mouth of Silverton Creek on the eastern shore of Slocan Lake. Wikipedia

Name origin

Four Mile or Four Mile City, the former name, came from Four Mile Creek flowing through the town. In 1892, William Hunter and J. Fred Hume bought 160 acres of Crown land, upon which they founded the townsite the same year. By 1893, the creek was sometimes called Silverton Creek. The four miles likely measured the distance by trail from New Denver. That year, the new townsite was promoted as Silverton, probably after Silverton, Colorado. Over time, Silverton also became the predominant, then official, name for the creek.[4]

Present community

At 0.35 square kilometres (0.14 sq mi), Silverton is the smallest municipality in BC by area, and was the smallest by population 2002–2011. Zeballos has since held the latter title. When Silverton mayor Jason Clarke was asked to comment on the fact that the census population of 185 at 2016 was the same as 2011, he joked that no one is allowed to leave unless they find a replacement.[4]

The Memorial Hall (1919) once housed the second school, but is today used for exhibits by local artists, music and dance classes, concerts and social events. Within the grounds is the Interpretive Centre displaying historical photographs and a collection of artifacts salvaged from surrounding mines, with larger items in the Outdoor Mining Museum by the road. Opposite, two streets back, the Fingland Cabin is restored as a blacksmith shop.[15][16]

The Silverton Lakeshore Inn was the Selkirk Hotel (1897) prior to refurbishing.[17] The lakeshore campground has 15 sites, and along Silverton Creek are 20 further sites.[18]