China Caring for our Seniors
Colin Dacre – May 26, 2018
Local politicians are sounding the alarm about the level of care being provided to seniors at a care home in Summerland now owned by the Chinese government.
In addition to independent and assisted living, the facility provides complex care to residents with severe dementia.
Central Okanagan MP Dan Albas says he’s heard from family members of residents at the Summerland Seniors Village that care has degraded since the takeover.
Penticton MLA Dan Ashton pointed to a large wage disparity for staff between privately run care homes and the union-staffed facilities managed by Interior Health. With an existing shortage of care aides in the province, most new graduates are opting to work for IH for more money and benefits.
“The government requires 3.34 hours per individual in these homes, and it is my understanding the residents are not getting that because of the inability to find staff to provide that,” Ashton said.

We need to listen to voices of older patients
Katherine McGilton and John Muscedere – The Star
Jan 3, 2018
The Canadian Frailty Network embarked on a study to establish priority areas for researchers from the perspective of Canadians living with frailty, their caregivers and related stakeholders. This study asked older Canadians what they believe are the important questions related to the care, support and treatment they think would help maintain physical, mental and social well-being for older adults.
Older adults must have a voice in policy and program priority setting if we are to implement systems that are responsive to their needs. The need for patient involvement in setting both frailty research and policy priorities is particularly urgent since older adults have historically been underrepresented in decision-making in health and social care systems.
Key to the successful transformation of the health and social support landscape is evidence informed by persons living with frailty, their families and caregivers. Call it patient-centred care or a value agenda, we need to include the lived experiences of patients and families in how we do research, plan and care for them.
Their top priority concerned the organization of health systems. Older people told us they want integrated and better coordinated care that would meet both their health and social care needs and those of their families and caregivers.