Rural Health Services Research Conference, May 2018, Nelson
May 31  – June 1, 2018

A two day conference, organized by the Rural Health Services Research Network

A sampling of the symposiums, panels and workshops: 
– Responding to Adult Vulnerability in Rural Communities
– Poverty Reduction and the “Living Wage”.
– Exploring Rural Health Systems
– Exploring Issues of Equity in Rural Health Services
– Emerging models of care
– Breaking new ground for Telehealth Programming
– Patient Engagement in Research
– The Rural Catchment Project: Strengthening local evidence through a catchment methodology

Keynote speaker Dr. Lesley Barclay, from the  National Rural Health Alliance in Australia gave a presentation called Insights on Establishing Alliances and Partnering for Healthy Rural Communities. 

During this conference it was possible to have a side meeting with the BC Rural Health Network members who were present. Dr. Barclay was able to attend this meeting to give us valuable information re rural networks.