Restoring Trust – COVID 19 and the future of Long Term Care


COVID-19 did not break the LTC sector. It showed us how deep the long standing, systemic problems are, internationally and in Canada.

81% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada have been in nursing homes, the highest rate of any country globally

Longstanding Systemic Issues

  • Funding
  • Federal – provincial jurisdictional issues
  • No national framework similar to the CHA
  • Regulation (under and over)
  • Failure to view as a home
  • Many nursing homes are older buildings (built in the 50’s thru 70’s)
  • Congregate settings often with 2 or more residents to a room
  • Lack of integration with the acute care system and other parts of the continuing care system (home care, assisted/supportive living, retirement homes, etc.)
  • An appalling lack of data with which to manage the system
  • An equally appalling lack of an ecosystem built to act on data


  • Develop National Standards
  • Commission and act on a comprehensive pan-Canadian assessment of national standards for staffing and staffing mix in nursing homes
  • Solve the Workforce Crisis. With new federal funding – Provinces/Territories must provide:
  • Appropriate pay and benefits (e.g., sick leave) permanently, and equitably across Canada, in the sector and between acute and LTC
  • Full time employment
  • Educational standards for care aides/PCWs; continuing education for all staff and training for other temporary staff
  • Provide mental health support for staff – we know COVID-19 is going to have long term mental health consequences based on SARS, early reports out of China and recent reviews