Support for Rural Physicians

RUDi-Emergency is one of the Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) pathways for patient care and healthcare collaboration in rural and remote communities in BC.

RUDi physicians with emergency medicine and rural experience are available 24/7 by Zoom and phone to support rural healthcare providers looking for support with a patient or preparatory simulation, including:

Support through RUDi is available anytime, 24/7 through Zoom at

If you’re a physician or nurse practitioner in rural BC and don’t have a Zoom for Healthcare account yet, fill out our online form to request a Zoom account, or visit our Zoom page for more information.

If you signed up for a Zoom license through RCCbc, all Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) pathways(RUDi, ROSe, CHARLiE, MaBAL, Dermatology, etc.) will be added to your Zoom contacts automatically.