Provincial Health Care Partners’ Planning Retreat
Summary Report 
January 27, 28, 29, 2019

This event was co-sponsored and organized by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, Doctors of BCand the BC Ministry of Health. 

The purpose of the gathering was to “engage in learning about primary health care re-design and transformation, with a focus on rural and remote communities.” 

A provincial planning team was formed under the leadership of the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, which included:
Dr. Ray Markham (RCCBC)
Dr. Alan Ruddiman (GPSC)
Dr. Granger Avery (Doctors of BC)
Meghan Hunt (First Nations Health Authority)
Paula Carr (Doctors of BC)
Ed Staples (BC Rural Health Network)
Kim Williams (RCCBC), Anne Lesack (RCCBC)
Scott Graham (SPARC BC). 

Videos collected during the gathering have been produced and can be viewed here: