Rural Health Services Research Network of BCCentre for Rural Health Research

Kim, DianeRogan, SilaKarve, UrveeTran, EvonneCherian, ArlinGrzybowski, StefanTsang, ElyseLiu, KyaraFischer, Jordie A. Waal, AnnaBland, Alexandra

Evidence from current climate science research suggests that anthropogenic activity will cause drastic changes to our environment, including global warming of over 1.5oC in the next 10-30 years, extreme weather patterns, and rising sea levels—some of these changes have already been observed in British Columbia. These environmental impacts have consequences for human health, with natural hazards disproportionately impacting rural populations. The purpose of this paper is to explore current evidence and identify gaps in the current literature around climate change and adaption, as well as identify innovative ways research can contribute to supporting adaptation strategies for rural health services and healthy communities in response to a changing environment.