Another reason to wear a mask in public: People are more likely to maintain their distance when they see you have one on. Getty Images

[Excerpt] – Wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by catching the tiny droplets that are released when we speak, cough, or sneeze.

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However, masks may also provide another benefit beyond containing the virus. A new study indicates they might also make people more likely to physically distance themselves.

What the study found
Massimo MarchioriPhD, professor of computer science at University of Padua in Padua, Italy, decided to take the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to study how people actually behave when it comes to physical distancing.

What Marchiori found was quite dramatic.

When they weren’t wearing a mask, people tended to get quite close — sometimes within a foot away — when they passed by.

When they wore a mask, however, the distance maintained nearly doubled.

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