Covering more than 20,000 square kilometres, with a population of barely 11,000, for over 14 years British Columbia’s Mount Waddington Health Network has shown it’s possible for rural folks to come together and tackle a range of daunting health & wellness challenges. This BC Rural Centre webinar shines a light on the Network — an informative hour for anyone concerned with innovative, bottom-up approaches to rural health issues.

From the Mount Waddington Health Network website:

Gilakas’la – Welcome

The Mount Waddington Health Network is a positive, community-centric network of health related organizations, people and governments serving the Mount Waddington Region. We collaborate and share ideas and resources for the betterment of health & wellness in our communities. 

Working together for healthy communities!

As a network, we perform most of our work (collective action) at the committee level. The people working on committees leverage their knowledge in their relative areas of expertise, make plans at a committee level, and inform the actions of our larger network. 

The Table of Partners is our overarching governance team, which consists of the committee chairs, local Government, First Nations, Island Health, First Nations Health Authority and the leads of health and social service agencies and organizations in the community.
Our primary focus is in advocating for enhanced or modified programs and services, influencing public policy, and collaborating on grass-roots initiatives that will benefit all area residents. We focus on “up-stream” initiatives that help keep people from becoming sick in the first place, in good health, and out of acute care. We perform our work through a lens of cultural safety and humility, and are open to growth, conversations, and new learnings.