New research by the Toronto Star found that seniors living in for-profit care homes are four times more likely to die from the virus than seniors in public homes. [1] Study after study shows these offer inferior care because they’re designed to maximize profits — not seniors’ health.[2][3]

The virus has exposed the gaps in our long-term care system — where homes that should be providing seniors the dignity they deserve in their final years, are instead the subject of daily horror stories. 

Now, as the government looks for long term solutions to recover from the pandemic, we can either make seniors care part of our public healthcare system — where living and working conditions meet the standard of care we expect for our parents, grandparents, even ourselves — or continue to fail seniors with a broken system and devastating results.

If you think seniors care should be a part of universal healthcare instead of a for-profit business , click on Seniors Care should not be driven by Profit