Is Your Mom on Drugs? Are you? 

With thanks for support provided by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC 

Johanna Trimble is a board member of the BCRHN, a public member of the Geriatrics and Palliative Care Committee of Doctors of BC, and a member of the Seniors Planning Table on the Sunshine Coast.  She has co-taught both first year medical students and PharmD students at the University of British Columbia as a guest lecturer.

Many older adults are on multiple medications. While some are vital for health, the more drugs you take (and the older you get), the greater the chance of adverse drug events, falls and hospitalizations.  

As well, many people have more than one prescriber (GP and specialists), yet no single prescriber has the responsibility of making sure that your drugs play nice together. 

This session is based on Johanna Trimble’s story of the serious, adverse medication event experienced by her mother-in-law, how the family intervened and what she’s learned in the ten years since then (don’t worry, not all of it!).