William Day – Individual member

William L. (Bill) Day is retired and spends his time in Vancouver.

Bill Day served as Citizenship Court Judge for British Columbia and the Yukon from 1998 to 2009.  He was Adjunct Professor of Higher Education at the University of British Columbia from 1990 to 2001. He  did numerous accreditation studies in the private sector for the Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of BC.

His working career started at Ocean Falls as a young construction millwright.  His work in education was centred in British Columbia, with intermittent work in India and the Philippines under Colombo Plan and CIDA auspices.  He retired from the Presidency of Douglas College, a large urban community college in the eastern suburbs of Vancouver, in 1995.

He was active as a developer, teacher and administrator of volunteer (community based) and school district adult education programs in BC from 1954.  After 1967, he was active in planning and developing community college institutions and programs in western Canada.

He has represented Canada at five OECD consultations on Adult, Recurrent and Distance Education in France, The Netherlands, U.S.A. and Portugal.

Bill received the Order of Canada in 1998 for his work in community, adult and international education, and the development and promotion of the community college concept in Canada.

Bill serves on the (SOHC) Support Our Health Care Board as Vice President and has been very involved with this organization. With research assistance from Nienke Klaver, Bill Day wrote a position paper on National Pharmacare and submitted it to the House Of Commons All-Party Standing Committee on Health on behalf of SOHC. Together with
Ed Staples, President and Nienke Klaver, Secretary, Bill was invited to the Ministry of Health Patients as Partners Initiative – Community Conversations held in  Vancouver (March 4, 2019). Bill has written various Position Papers for SOHC, as well as Letters to the Editor on Pharmacare (https://bcrhn.ca/letters-3/) and Public Healthcare.