The Healthcare Travelling Roadshow was conceived as a grass roots initiative to address rural healthcare workforce shortages. 

It involves a multidisciplinary group of health-care students from post-secondary institutions around B.C. travelling to rural communities to showcase career opportunities to high school students.

The idea is to inspire high school students that are from rural centres to become interested in careers in health care, with the hope that  they will come back to practice in their home town, or another small community.

Since its inception in 2010, the Healthcare Travelling Roadshow has connected with more than 10,500 high school students in 56 communities throughout BC.

 “Research nationwide tells us that students from a rural origin are more likely to settle in a rural location.” 

Dr. Sean Maurice, Senior Lab Instructor, at the University of Northern BC, is the person behind the Traveling Roadshow.

For an online resource that shares some of the Roadshow, with personal stories of students representing a variety of different healthcare careers, click on

Note: While UNBC covers Northern BC, for the Interior, contact Warren Brock  250-807-8601 or visit

The contact for Vancouver Island is Kurt McBurney at