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Find out how you can keep engaged and contribute to HSO’s National Long-Term Care Services Standard.

Throughout the development of HSO’s National Long-Term Care Services Standard we are committed to hearing the voices of all – through our successful inaugural National Survey that garnered more than 16,000 responses, our Consultation Workbooks, and Town Halls.

We are on a mission to capture the diverse perspectives of residents, families, health service providers, clinicians and policymakers from across Canada on the needs and gaps in long-term care services — including the voices of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and vulnerable populations.


We are pleased to have received more than 16,000 responses to our Developing National LTC Services Standards: Your Opinion Matters! Survey. The survey insights are helping the LTC Services Technical Committee understand the themes that are important to Canadians when it comes to defining the type of care and services Canadians want to see provided in their long-term care homes. Read our What We Heard Report #1: Findings from HSO’s Inaugural National Survey on Long-Term Care to learn more.

We Want to Hear From You

Complete a Consultation Workbook or Host a Roundtable with a Group 

Our Consultation Workbooks have been developed to ensure Canadians have a clear voice in the development of HSO’s new National Long-Term Care Services Standard.

Our Consultation Workbooks can be completed by anyone who is interested in providing their input on improving the delivery of long-term care in Canada, whether you are a long-term care resident, family member, health care provider, researcher or anyone else.