Health Gateway

Health Gateway provides British Columbians with secure access to a single view of much of their health information online. It is accessible by anyone 12 and older with a BC Services Card set up on a mobile device. Included are:

  • Prescription Medications dispensed to you from any BC pharmacy since 1995, (excluding in-hospital prescriptions and many cancer medications)
  • Use the option “Add Notes to Records”. You can add your own notes, dates and comments to your timeline (see Health Visits, below) for instance reactions to prescribed medications or discussions with your doctor. 
  • COVID-19 Test Results 
  • Immunization Records (from public health and community pharmacies)
  • Health Visits: a record of the last 7 years of your health visits, consultations and procedures billed to the Medical Services Plan in BC (MSP). It can be useful to integrate and date your own notes about medical visits to document your symptoms, diagnoses and treatments.
  • Lab Results (Coming soon)