This program has been started and funded by the Denman Island B.C. Ambulance and the Hornby & Denman Community Health Care Society.

Steps listed in the package are to help you with planning a safe and expedient return home.

When you left the island you had a GREEN hospital arm band put on. We ask that you keep that on during your stay at the hospital. This is an indication to
hospital staff that you, as a resident of one of the islands, require special discharge planning to get home because of ferry schedules and arrangements for rides across the island to your home. 

Step 1

Ask your Emergency Room Nurse for the MOST RESPONSIBLE NURSE green envelope package in the file cabinet behind the Doctors desk, third drawer down, middle file folder. This envelope will have Ferry TAP form, Taxi voucher, list of hotels and bus pass back to Buckley Bay ferry terminal.

Make sure the BC Ferries TAP form is filled out correctly. You need to call 1-800- 661-2668, the phone number on the top right of the form, to obtain a confirmation number to put into the Box listed as PART 4 at the bottom. Please ensure that the Emergency staff have completed the rest of the TAP form before you leave the hospital.

During the day and if you can make the ferry, ask for a Taxi Voucher to Buckley Bay ferry terminal. If hospital staff do not know what you are asking for, talk to the Triage nurse. If it is too late to catch a ferry home that day (Hornby Island leaving by 3:30pm and Denman Island by 7pm), obtain a taxi voucher from the hospital for transport to a hotel (see step 2).