Family Councils

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Family and Residence Councils

A family and/or resident council is a group of persons who either live in a residential care facility or are the contact person, representative or relatives of care facility residents, and who meet regularly for a common purpose related to the care facility. A family and/or resident  council is also self-led, self-determining and democratic. Councils exist to engage the resident community in collaborative activities which will advance the quality of life for residents

A staff liaison from the residential care facility may be appointed to support and facilitate the council.

One of the key roles that a family and/or resident council can play is to promote improved communication and collaboration between family members and facility staff, and management.  This may involve working collaboratively on projects that enrich the lives of persons in care, making recommendations to decision makers, communicating common concerns and ideas for improvements.

This website will:

– Orient you to what a council might look like
– Provide some tips on starting and maintaining a council
– Outline how the Residential Care Regulation supports councils
– Facilitate understanding of residential care services and standards