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Drugsearch.ca is built by a pharmacist and a software engineer based in B.C. Contact us at info@drugsearch.ca

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Welcome! Drugsearch.ca is a free web tool created by Vancouver software engineer and pharmacist (myself) to show physicians, pharmacists and patients drug prices and if the drug is covered by the provincial government.

The idea was borne after I encountered a child with severe asthma who had only been taking Ventolin because his parents could not afford to pay $100 for an inhaled steroid. Had the physician known that Flovent was fully covered by Pharmacare, the parents would have been able to obtain the steroid for free and thus bring the child’s asthma under control.

I also see Low Income (Plan C) or Psychiatric (Plan G) patients prescribed drugs that were not covered, necessitating pharmacists to look up covered alternative drugs, fax the Dr’s office for the OK, and then wait for the clinic MOA’s to fax us back before obtaining and dispensing a covered drug. This process causes unnecessary waits of a day or more, and also represents more work for the Dr and their staff and massive fax paper wastage.

We hope this tool will help alleviate everyone’s workload — please do not hesitate to contact us for any input at info@drugsearch.ca