Vermillion Forks Métis Association

TAWÂW, PIHTIKWÎ VFMA.CA The Vermillion Forks Metis Association is proudly securing the future of the Metis people by promoting and preserving the historical values, culture, and traditions of the Metis Nation. VFMA has been a proud chartered community of the Metis Nation of British Columbia since March 23, 2018. Find us on Facebook! Vermillion Forks […]

Central Okanagan Hospice Association

Offering compassionate care, comfort, support, and learning to those who are dying or grieving within our community. Programs & Services If you are living with a serious illness, caregiving for someone living with a serious illness or grieving the loss of a someone – COHA can help. Get Involved There are so many ways to […]

March 2022

Some highlights: Pandemic has driven homegrown health-care innovation. How do we maintain the momentum?  How to encourage more family doctors Alone and in Pain, This ER Patient Was Left at a Bus Stop COVID-19 Inventories and Resources  Is Two-Tier Health Care Growing in BC?  Click on the Download below, or scroll through the screenshotsNote that […]

What is long covid? Current understanding about risks, symptoms and recovery.

By Allyson Chiu February 28, 2020 [Excerpt] The condition known as long covid continues to frustrate its sufferers, baffle scientists and alarm people who are concerned about being infected by the coronavirus. The term, a widely used catchall phrase for persistent symptoms that can range from mild to debilitating and last for weeks, months or longer, is […]

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