New research study seeking participants for a survey study looking at bereavement experiences in British Columbia 

We are conducting a study looking at bereavement experiences and supports in British Columbia. The findings of the study will inform the development of priority actions and strategies to make effective supports accessible to more British Columbians with bereavement experiences. We have recently completed interviews with the bereaved and now have developed a survey to capture more experiences. Additionally, we have expanded the participation criteria.  

We are looking for British Columbians who experienced a death of someone that was important to them since March 1, 2020. 

The survey should take approximately 15minutes. It asks about: 

• The experience of grief following the death or deaths 

• Whether and how it was affected by the pandemic  

• What resources and grief supports (formal and informal) were used 

• What changes would they like to see to grief support services in BC 

If you know anybody who might be interested in participating in the survey, please send them the survey link or attached poster.  

This is the link to the online survey 

The deadline to participate is March 25, 2022

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 604-553-4866 ext. 230 should you have any questions or concerns.  

Who are we? 

The BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC) ( is a non-profit organization that works with partners in the health system and community to help British Columbians affected by serious illness have the best possible quality of life.  As part of this mission, we provide tools and resources to support community organizations who are helping their community members with grief, bereavement and other related activities. 

Study Title: A provincial evidence-informed approach to supporting people experiencing bereavement in British Columbia.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eman Hassan (, 604-553-4866). Ethics ID: H21-01672. 


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Research Manager, BC Centre for Palliative Care 
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