Evaluate the BC SUPPORT Unit in a summative survey

The BC SUPPORT Unit has engaged Ference & Company to evaluate the impact of its activities on patient-oriented research in British Columbia over the last five years. As part of this evaluation, we want to hear from individuals who have accessed or participated in the BC SUPPORT Unit’s activities, services and/or initiatives including:  

– Data services or platforms;
– Research and Consultation Services;
– Training or capacity-building events (e.g., workshop, conference, or webinar);
– Awards, funding, or grants

Responses are also welcome from those who are familiar with the BC SUPPORT Unit and have engaged in other aspects of the BC SUPPORT Unit such as the website, resources. Staff and funding partners are also eligible to participate. The survey will take between five and 20 minutes depending on the extent of your engagement with the Unit. 

A draw for five $100 gift cards will be held for those who complete the survey. If you wish to be entered in the draw, Ference & Company will collect your information at the end of the survey.

If you’d like to participate, please click the following link: 
Start the survey