BC Patient Advisory Committee (Patient Voices Network)

BC Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory is composed of 10 volunteer members from across BC.

Members review and provide input on research projects based on their personal experience as a patients, share information with their networks, and support and advise the Advisory Committee and the BC-PHCRN leadership.

On Sept. 30, 2017, the group met in person for the first time, spending the day together in Vancouver at the BC SPOR SUPPORT Unit offices to develop terms of reference and to engage in a provincial primary health care priority setting project. 

‘The Patient Advisory and the PREFeR (PRioritiEs For Research) Project’
Despite the fact that much of primary care research focuses on studying patient needs and gaps in care, patients are not frequently included in prioritizing research ideas. To remedy this, the PREFeR Project aims to identify patient-generated priorities for primary care research in BC, and compare patient and clinician perspectives. The project is by co-led by Louisa Edwards, Melody Monro, and Ruth Lavergne, in collaboration with the BC-PHCRN Patient Advisory – a diverse group of 10 patients from all five health authorities in BC. 
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Project Update
Through a guided series of steps, the Patient Advisory brainstormed nearly 100 primary care experiences that stood out for them, which were grouped into core themes. Patients then reviewed, discussed, and individually ranked the 10 most important themes. The pooled results revealed the group’s top priorities for primary care.

The Patient Advisory is currently engaged in designing a provincial primary health care priority setting project.

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BC patients: Complete the short online survey (5-10 minutes) on what primary health care topics are important to you at: https://is.gd/patients_prefer

Completing the survey by telephone is an option (takes 30-40 minutes); email (louisa_edwards@sfu.ca) or phone (604-875-4111, extension 67241) Louisa Edwards (Research Fellow, Simon Fraser University) to arrange a convenient time.

BC primary care providers: Complete the short online survey (5-10 minutes) on what primary health care topics are important to you at: https://is.gd/prefer_providers

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