Why Response Times Matter

The national response time goal for paramedics in Canada is 8 minutes 59 seconds, for the most serious emergencies. In the province of British Columbia, this goal is only being met 30% of the time. A lack of resources and support for BC paramedics means that our province‚Äôs most highly trained, front line medical professionals are unable to arrive within the 8:59 benchmark, set by the country for 70%, of BC emergencies. 

BC deserves better.

See the response times in your community or report the response time for your emergency here.

Simply click https://www.paramedicsin859.com/map.php, click on the map in your general area and follow the prompts to report your emergency type, call time, and the time your paramedics arrived.

All reports are based on general area and not specific location. No personal information is required.