Amazing TOC Test

This headline is really meaningless The Overview The Plot Thickens The Twist The Reveal The Moral of The Story Epilogue   The Overview Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley […]

MEDICAL HEALTH OFFICER Report – Alcohol and Health in B.C.’s Interior Region

Dr. Silvina Mema [Excerpt] Alcohol is arguably the most socially acceptable of psychoactive substances. Drinking alcohol is socially acceptable and even an encouraged activity. Some individuals may feel pressured to drink during social gatherings. While social drinking may seem harmless, it can lead to alcohol misuse and addiction. Many social and health harms can be […]

Canadian Mental Health Association – Running on empty – Summary Report march 2022

[Excerpt] The pandemic has had a devastating impact on mental health, substance use and homelessness in Canada.  In 2021, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) undertook a federation-wide research project to understand how community mental health organizations have been impacted by and responded to the pandemic.  Our research helped us formulate which federal policy responses […]

Where Are the 495 Long-Term Care Beds Promised for BC’s Interior?

Expect some soon, says the health minister, nearly two years after NDP election pledge. Andrew MacLeod 14 Mar 2022 [Excerpt] A few months before the 2020 British Columbia election, the government made an “historic” announcement of 495 new long-term care beds to be created in the province’s interior region. The  promise  was welcome news covered widely […]

Inside June’s Deadly Heat Dome. And Surviving the Next One

Hundreds succumbed to scorching temperatures. Why was BC’s toll so much higher than Washington and Oregon? A Tyee special report. Jen St. Denis 14 Mar 2022 Jen St. Denis is The Tyee’s Downtown Eastside reporter. Find her on Twitter @JenStDen. [Excerpts] Jennifer Thompson lives on a shaded street in New Westminster, B.C., a city of 71,000 […]

Rapidly increasing climate change poses a rising threat to mental health, says IPCC

February 28, 2022 [Note: blue text are hot links]Ashlee Cunsolo, Founding Dean, School of Arctic & Subarctic Studies, Labrador Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland – Breanne Aylward. PhD Student in Public Health, University of Alberta and Sherilee Harper, Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Health, University of Alberta [Excerpts] Climate change poses serious risks to mental well-being. […]