A Bridge to Action

A Bridge to Action

October 23, 2020
{Excerpt} One day on a walk with my daughter and our dog in my hometown of Princeton, we stopped to look at our local “Bridge of Dreams”.

While standing there, my daughter pointed to graffiti done with a black sharpie on the bridge and asked me what it meant.

There were racist, sexist and homophobic slurs as well as many symbols associated with Nazism. I felt shocked and responded hesitantly as I was forced to have a difficult  conversation right then and there with my girl around inequality in our society which included the concept of genocide.  This conversation was not easy as I tried to tone it to the innocence of my child.  

I phoned the Town of Princeton in front of my daughter as soon as we got home and explained to the clerk what we had seen and how I was saddened and hoped for removal as soon as possible………

A few weeks later the news reported the death of Mr. George Floyd while in police custody. I was inspired by the global response and calls for social justice and I wanted to do something locally to help affect change.

I realized I had a unique opportunity to share my message as the front fence of my home faces the highway and hundreds of locals and travellers use the route.

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About the author Erin Traverse. Erin is a nurse at Princeton General Hospital. She’s also a mother and a community member who wants to speak up about social justice.