Vision 2040

The BC Rural Health Network (the BCRHN) is the healthcare voice for all rural residents of British Columbia.  BCRHN’s focus is on reaching all rural residents, hearing their needs, celebrating their successes, and assisting them with access to information, programs, and care. The BCRHN is focused on the rural resident and is both located in […]

Implementing and evaluating co-design. A step-by-step toolkit

Co-design is when an organisation and its stakeholders work together to design or rethink a service. As an approach it sits midway between consultation and fully user-led projects. We [New Philantropy Capital] are pleased to offer this toolkit, in which we explore what co-design is and why it matters. Our five-stage process offers a roadmap […]

Genuine involvement requires a re-balance of decision-making power

By Charlotte Lamb –  November 22, 2021 [Excerpts from New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)] As we explore building back better after the pandemic, we are thinking a lot about readdressing power imbalances and about diversity, equity, and inclusion. If we are to do this well, centring the voices of those with lived experience in our work is […]

Canadian-developed screening test aims to detect early-stage cancer using blood samples

Tom Yun writer Published November 28, 2021 TORONTO — The COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in late-stage cancer diagnoses, with restrictions preventing or discouraging many from getting screened early. But a new screening technology developed by a Canadian company could make it easier to detect cancers earlier. StageZero Life Sciences is a Richmond Hill, […]

Overdose prevention sites provide wide range of health benefits: new research

[Excerpts] Published on December 2, 2021. The scaling-up of overdose prevention sites (OPS) in Vancouver beginning in December 2016 was associated with a range of health benefits, including an increase in engagement in addiction treatment, as well decreases in public injection and syringe sharing. The findings from researchers with the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) […]

Is Apple Going Into Healthcare?

A 2021 Update [Excerpts] “I do think there will be a day when people looking back will say Apple’s greatest contribution to the world was healthcare.” Tim Cook surprised most of his audience when he said this during the Time 100 Summit in 2019. This article is a supplement to the content of our e-book, Tech Giants […]

What Does Synthetic Data Mean In Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution?

[Excerpts] Data is the foundation of artificial intelligence. As the importance of A.I. grows in modern medicine, there’s a huge need for data (as well as data annotation) – the latter being one of the most important aspects of the work in building an algorithm. In healthcare, collecting data means utilising existing databases and using […]