Let’s declare a family-practice emergency

Times Colonist Sept 28, 2017 Chris Pengilly, formerly of Tuscany Medical Clinic, is a part-time family physician. [Excerpt] I read with interest the op-ed from Joanne Hamilton concerning her parents who are now “orphan patients.” The responses from Vanessa Hammond and Dr. Robin Saunders suggest solutions that offer a realistic and optimistic future. (“Physician shortage […]

The Vancouver Island doctor shortage, explained

Thousands of Islanders have virtually no prospect of finding a primary physician, but the solution may not be more doctors By Sol Dolor October 23, 2020  [Excerpts] There is a doctor shortage, but it’s not unique to the Island  It’s no secret that for newcomers to Vancouver Island, it is basically impossible to find a family […]

Healthcare workers in Alberta are looking outside their province for jobs.

Interior Health (and others) are actively promoting BC. Michael-Ann Miller (manager of clinical operations for Princeton General Hospital and the South Similkameen Health Centre in Keremeos.) shares her story how she ended up in Princeton and loves rural medicine.https://edmontonjournal.com/…/medical-career…A pity for Albertans and their healthcare needs, but probably good for BC. https://www.cbc.ca/…/alberta-health-care-workers…Alberta health-care professionals are […]

Pandemic Preparedness – Auditor General of Canada

For the full report, click on: https://www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/English/parl_oag_202103_03_e_43785.html [Excerpt] 8.35 We found that, although the agency engaged with provincial and territorial partners and was advanced in its preparations to test the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Public Health Response Plan for Biological Events through a large-scale exercise simulating an influenza pandemic, the agency did not complete this test exercise with […]

Out-of-Pocket Costs for Rural Residents When Traveling for Healthcare

“This report presents findings from a rural citizen-patient survey on the out-of-pocket costs incurred while traveling to access health care in BC. To our knowledge, it is the first primary research study to systematically document the financial consequences of traveling for care for rural residents in BC and, as such, provides important information for health […]

UBC Rural Evidence Report

Written by Alex NguyenFeb. 5, 2019   Many residents in rural communities have to travel to other communities for general and specialized care, but this process has its own challenges, such as how to ensure reliable transportation.  As BC continues to face gaps within its rural healthcare system, UBC researchers are working to amplify rural communities’ perspectives […]


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