Welcome to the All-In-One demo page

If you landed on this page looking for something deep and life changing, you’re in the wrong place. This is merely a test page for my web design business. All you will see on this page is pretty much any widget and spinning gadget possible I use to demo for clients how a particular one will look on their project. If you’re here you might as well have a peek. If you are curious how any of the effects here were made, by all means shoot me an EMAIL and I’ll let you know the tool that was used. 

Basic Style Pricing Table

Sub Heading Description Info Here
$ 39
  • Added Value Item 1
  • Added Value Item 2
  • Added Value Item 3
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Basic Slider Demo
This is a demo slider, the slides come in from the left or right or top or bottom.
Click Here
Slide Number Two
Notice the changed background color
Click Here
Final Demo Slide
This one rolls across the screen, very fancy.
Click Here

Here is an example of a countdown timer. This is the most basic example the blocks just give a basic countdown look and can redirect, disappear or display a message once the timer runs out. 

Rate Anything using this 0-5 or 0-10 scale
Progress bars
Web Designer 75%
Bar Number Two
Graphic Dude 60%
You get the point by now
Each bar Different color 80%
Beating a dead horse now?
That's enough let's move on 98%
These are very handy to display a lot of info in a small space
You can decide which one displays open by default
Pretty sure you get the point by now, but these have become increasingly popular

One of my favorite effects

The worry with this effect is that I tend to want to use it too much. It's very cool and every site I've seen it on it really stands out.

All you do is click each icon

And the info related to the icon appears in the middle of the circle under the heading

You could have dozens of icons

You are really only limited by your imagination and of course the rules of good taste and design.. too many icons might get way too busy.


I think this one is self explanatory but just in case, it’s really just a dual button. For those times you need to give your visitors a choice of exit points from a page.

I Love Golf Tennis Swimming Very Much

In all honesty I don’t really use this effect much anymore, unless someone actually requests it. It was all the rage some time ago but unless you have a set of words that fit perfectly it’s not overly fitting most of the time.

Pop Up Info

Pop Ups are really as old as the internet itself. Of course they have evolved over time to allow them to be shown even if pop up blockers are present... it's magic. 

Front Box

This innocent little box flips when it you rollover it.

Back Box

This is a super easy way to do an info comparison. You ask a leading question on the front side and offer up the answer here.

Don't Click Me I Don't Work
Circle Progess
Circle Two
Circle Three

These circle progress bars are pretty easy to grasp purpose wise, but they seem to always work, they can be used to display just about any comparison of items on your site. 

Jane Doe

Software Engineer

Super duper important info goes here

John Doe

Software Engineer

Super duper important info goes here

Doe Doe

Software Engineer

Super duper important info goes here

A really nice and clear team member section.. the cards can be highly modified. 


Years in Business


Satisfied Clients


Worldwide Location

I can’t even pretend to understand why, but this little effect seems to be very popular. It doesn’t seem to matter what the site is or what content they are announcing, they always seem to be very popular with site owners

As you can imagine this feature is more geared towards business or sales type sites. You can add almost unlimited items to compare. Every color and every font is fully customizable. 

Share on facebook
Share on twitter
Share on linkedin

A few examples of how to have your social media accounts interact with your website. Basic “share” buttons, links to your profiles, Twitter feed, Facebook comments, etc.. pretty much any social network can be added. 


This is a neat little feature that is becoming more and more popular as people try to conserve their website real estate as this allows them to pack TWO UP features in one pretty small footprint. 

A quick toggle of the button and poof you're reading another paragraph in more detail of the other tab OR a completely new bit of info. whatever suits your needs.

Well that wraps it up for now, I will likely come back from time to time to add in new effects or modules as my mood and time allows. If you have a request to see something not listed here as I said up front just drop me an email and let me know and I will get it up. Thanks for having a peek at my demo page.